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Isabella Agosti is a Computer Science Engineer living in Piacenza and working in Milano. Drawing has always been her biggest passion, but the thought that it can be possible for anyone to make a living out of it had never crossed her mind.

She has been drawing ever since she can remember, following the lead of her dad and grandma. But her relationship with art was not always all peaches and cream. Growing up she found herself drawing less and less, until she stopped completely when she went to high school.

Then a few years ago, while scrolling through Instagram, she came across a profile of an artist who was sharing his work and process videos. The thing that struck her the most was that he wasn’t drawing with a pencil on a piece of paper, but on a tablet using a pen with a very strange tip. Isabella has always been a sucker for technology, and the idea that she could combine her two passions brought back an excitement that she had not felt in a very long time.
She started saving up and in 2017 she was finally able to buy her very first tablet and pen.


And so she began her artistic journey on Instagram, sharing her illustrations with her ever-growing community.
Up until now Isabella has released a course on Domestika, illustrated a book cover for Mondadori and hosted a workshop at Illustri Festival.

For commissions, please contact Isabella via email. 


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